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We are proud to be a global team. Our different walks of life and experiences allow us a unique perspective. We have been working together since 2017 coming together in 2018 as Full Circle Wins. Our success as a team comes from a common theme of wanting the best for our clients and working tirelessly to ensure we achieve it

Marla Bogaerts


Where I live
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Fun fact about me
I have lived in 7 states and 2 countries

Dogs vs. Cats
I have a minimum of 70 lb weight limit, so dogs, hands down

Favorite book
Swiss Family Robinson

Top Bucket List Item
Hike down the Grand Canyon to go White Water Rafting

Consider self, funny, serious, boring, fun?
Fun & insanely sarcastic


Managing Partner

Where I live
Porto, Portugal

Favorite place I ever visited
Skye Island, Scotland

Favorite book
The Spirits Book, Allan Kardec

One crazy dog and 2 spoiled cats

Funniest thing that ever happened
Dreamed about my husband before get to know him

What scared of
Oh my God! Spiders and cockroaches!!...


Social Media & Operations

Where I live
Manila, Philippines

Favorite Movie
Coyote Ugly and Devil wears Prada

Dream vacation
Bora-Bora or Maldives

Fun fact about me
I can move my ears without touching it

My biggest dream
To travel the world

What’s your hobby?
Cooking, baking and going to the gym


Data Analyst & Operations

Where I live
Quezon City, Philippines

Favorite color
White and black

One thing I can't live without
Skin Moisturizer

Top Bucket List Item

Which thing annoys you the most?
When people stare at me

If you don’t have to sleep, what would you do?
I always clean the house


Web Developer

Where I live
Porto, Portugal

Fun fact about me
I whistle every song which lyric I don't know

Favorite joke
Documentation is like sex. When it's good, it's very good. When it's bad, it's better than nothing

What’s your hobby?
Playing guitar and Stock Market

Least favorite food

If you could have a superpower?
Moving at the light's speed